With only 5 members, since summer of 2016, DSGG have concentrated on the creation of a BeeWorld and Wildflower / Wildlife Oasis, to help maintain an ecological green network in the Garnock Valley. These indigenous wildflower areas compliment the extensive raised garden areas and planters on each platform.

The new Dalry bypass has recently commenced construction and so, soon, Dalry will have the opportunity to market itself as a town where people can get the train to and then enjoy walking and cycling in the beautiful North Ayrshire countryside. As the station will be the first impression people get of Dalry, it is important that it looks as pleasant and as welcoming as possible to attract visitors to visit Dalry Town Centre as well and to contribute to the regeneration of the town as a whole. This is in addition, of course, to improving the environment for Dalry residents who regularly use the trains.

DSGG have close links with the local community groups and businesses.  The two Dalry Primary Schools have written poems for our Poetry on the Platform initiative, which are displayed in Scotrail poster grips located under the railway bridge.  We have received generous support from Scotrail/Abellio's Biodiversity Fund, Scotrail/Abellio's Culture and Arts Fund, the Dalry Parish Boundary Trust Dalry Windfarm Fund and North Ayrshire Council Community Grants.

Future plans include commissioning murals for the railway bridge and an art installation, 'White Hares Looking Up' to further brighten up the whole station environment.

White Hare Looking Up
White Hare Looking Up